Thursday, December 31, 2009



Date: Dec31, 2009.

1) I wish that I can be .....................



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Date: Dec30, 2009

2) I wish that I can be like the characters in the series, CASHMERE MAFIA.

-In Control, All Rounder, yet Balanced-

#a 'little bit' of everything - not that little, afterall.. ;P


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Date: Dec29, 2009

3) I wish that I can be like REGINA SPEKTOR and HAYLEY WILLIAMS.

-Hot and Talented-


Monday, December 28, 2009

someone please tell me..

in 4 days time, we shall all say goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010.

at this moment, a must question would be, "have you got your resolutions? what are they?

well.. my question is, can i not make resolutions, not even one? instead,

can i make a wish?

perhaps wishes..


Sunday, December 27, 2009

wayang hakiki

dunia ini kejam
kadang-kadang rasa macam dah tak nak tinggal di sini lagi
tapi tak rasa nak mati
sebab tak sedia lagi

dunia ini misteri
penuh tanda tanya
ramai orang kuat berlari
ada juga yang pilih untuk berkelana

dunia ini muda
walau hakikat bumi kita tua
warga buta tuli ikut suka hati
semakin tak matang songsang dengan usia

ada dua jalan
hujung dia sama
cereka dia lain
pilih yang mana
berliku, bersiur, lurus tiada bengkok
ikutlah hati asal tak mati
dasarkan rasa harap-harap taklah binasa

dunia ini pelik
hidup ini ajaib
maut itu pasti

nyata. tak perli. bukan sindir.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my daddy is my superhero..

Bapakku Tok Misai Sayang,

Happy 60th Birthday
May Allah bless you
Have a wonderful life always

Bapak tetap yang paling hensem dan terbaik..
With all love in the world, Angah.


Monday, December 21, 2009

just another emo piece..

room of pitch black
corner of pure darkness
cold and abandoned
restless yet hopeful

faith shakes, bursting into tears
words left unspoken, promises broken
careful yet not to be sorry or mistaken

a light between the chaos
to bring back smile
to again return a laughter

look out the window
the sun rises tomorrow

p/s: asyik idea emo yg menjamah otak kukukakikumalu.. maka itulah yg ditimunjerukkan. sekian.



she's so pretty
she's so perfect
she has everything
and all i can do is stare

she does it
why don't i?

to be like her
will i still be me?

to be her to know.

"I'm only human and I make mistakes."


yes, i'm not okay. tq for not asking.

does deleting erase?
does running escape?

this is reality. face it like a brave person. past made you who you are today. don't chase it away, let it go instead. its marks and traces, be thankful for them. they are to remind you of where you came from. life is beautiful. s*** happens every once in a while to color life. let's welcome it.

cherish life.

sakit perut efek kat otak. merapu pelik-pelik. abaikan. ;P


Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Write I Comment What She Feels

She closes her eyes in fear
She opens her eyes in fear
She dreams, nightmares in fear
She questions herself but never answers
She is in fear.

A friend, yet a foe

A companion, yet an enemy
A strength, yet a weakness
A sound, yet a silence

A wide beautiful smile, yet an ugly cry
She tears.

Life is not a choice, where are we going

Avoiding death we try, are we not stopping
She steps.

To search for the desirable

To let go of those in hands
Too close or too far or reachable?
She holds.

Very often in this world we do not get what we want. Don't we work hard enough? Or maybe we just don't deserve it. Perhaps because we are neither grateful nor thankful for what we own. Some defend, "we just want life to get better." Some just cannot care more or less. Whatever folks. You decide.

Someone I truly respect and admire once asked me. "Girl, what are the 2 things in this world that are very hard to find yet very easy to lose?" I shook my head. S/he said, "money and love." I asked, "why money and love? Why not love and money?" Guess what s/he said.

"Rezeki ada di mana-mana atas muka bumi Allah s.w.t ni.. Nasib la jumpa atau hilang yang mana dulu atau kemudian."

TQ for such a wonderful lesson.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


  • Wishes and hopes for every new year, has any one been granted or get done with?
  • Plans and budgets, are they really followed?
  • How do I actually kill time?

-Wishes colour life. Wishes let us dream for anything, even impossibilities. But let's be wise. Wish and hope by living in reality. Then we might live the whole year/12months/365days/8760 hours/525600 minutes/31536000 seconds calmly, 24/7.
-Yang ini senang aje. Kalu ada disiplin, confirm follow-follow..

-Err.. Perhaps time murders me.. dududududu~~

  • 21 years fo living, what am I good at?
"My name is TimunJeruk and I am a stalker."



"irrecoverably and unconditionally..."



just a number
not just any number


a bonus, a stage

a hope, a future


a test, a challenge

a search, a quest

patience, support, will and strength

success awaits u, InsyaAllah..

"Congratulations, Good Luck and All the Best"


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To: Zesty..

Invitation to Final Examination.

Date: Dec 9 and 15, 2009. (Audit and Fin. Reporting)
Time: 3 to 6.15pm..
Venue: Hall 2, Intec UiTM.
Attire: Anything sopan dan selesa. Sweater is highly recommended.. (a must, maybe) ;p

Please bring along your ACCA card and exam entry docket.
Wish you (myself, i mean) all the best and goodluck.

Thank you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

berkerut dahi

there's a she wolf in the closet
open up and set her free
there's a she wolf in the closet
let it out so it can breathe

bait-bait ini terperangkap dalam otak saya sejak pagi td..
dan ia tak nak tinggalkan saya.. makin banyak pula yang saya ingat..haih..

timunjeruk: ilmu audit, boleh tak cepat2 masuk macam lagu cik shakira ni?
boleh kan? kan?
ilmu audit: yes, yes. kan.kan. ;D
timunjeruk: terima kasih. :)


Monday, November 30, 2009


was yesterday
today is
comes tomorrow

living silence of the dead noise
burning ice of frozen fire

footsteps and fingerprints
marks and scars
blood and stain

and arrives the sun as spins always the world
and i breathe no longer


Thursday, November 26, 2009

fallin' for you

i don't know but i think i maybe fallin' for you dropping so quickly maybe i should keep this to myself waiting till i know you better i am trying not tell you but i want to i'm scared of what you said so i'm hiding what i'm feeling but i'm tired of holding this inside my head

i've been spending all my time
just thinking bout ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i've been waiting all my life
and now i found ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i'm falling for you

as i'm standing here and you hold my hand pull me towards you and we start to dance all around us i see nobody here in silence it's just you and me i'm trying not to tell you but i want to i'm scared of what you said so i'm hiding what i'm feeling but i'm tired of keeping this inside my head

i've been spending all my time
just thinking bout ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i've been waiting all my life
and now i found ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i'm falling for you

oh i just i can't take it my heart is racing the emotions keep spinning out

i've been spending all my time
just thinking bout ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i've been waiting all my life
and now i found ya
i don't know what to do
i think i'm falling for you
i'm falling for you

i can't stop thinking bout it i want you all around me and now i just can't hide it i think i'm falling for you
i can't stop thinking bout it i want you all around me and now i just can't hide it i think i'm falling for you

i'm falling for you ooohhh oh no no oooooohhh oh i'm falling for you.

"beautiful lyrics of wonderful tale by a pretty lady no one can say no to, coco."


He Queens She Kings

By Her
if it's your look that he loved
if it's your touch that he longed
if it's you attention that he seeked
if it's your company that he pleased
if it's your softness that he adored to hold
Eyes, Hands, Ears, Legs, Skin, Hair

By Him
what if she lost any
what more if she lost them all
what if the reason was gone

never ask why
for all that

-why do we-because we do-we just, sincerely-the rests only drive-

anyone still needs a reason?
this goes both ways.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

not-so-PERFECT STRANGERS-anymore

he finds her
she says hello
introductory conversation
wonders of where it will go

time gaps
as words are continuously sent and replied
meeting arrives
distance witnesses

what do they see
what do they call
what will

so be it the madness
for this madness is real
for this real madness is beautiful.





oh. saya dan kawan baik saya baru sahaja bertemu dengan satu taman permainan yang baru. tak sabar nak keluar beriadah. senaman untuk segenap anggota. mata, tangan, kaki, otak dll. tapi penyakit untuk poket. hahaha.. mines.

isyk, isyk, isyk.. apa nak jadi ni?


Monday, November 23, 2009

kejadian selepas kejadian

22 November 2009
-rojak karim di seksyen 7.

-popia basah, popia goreng, satu 60sen, 5 rm3. beli 3 je tapinya..

-study kejap, sembang lebih kat old town.. ipoh white coffee gao. terbaik!

-jumpa t-shirt cantik. rm25. mahal.uptown lagi murah.

-pelita nasi kandar. nak order limau panas pun susah. ramainya orang. saya dan fera sebulat suara bersetuju ini mamak famili. tapi nasi sedap, kita boleh datang lagi.haha.

-seksyen 24. uptown shah alam. ya ampun, apakah tempat ini? belum apa2 lagi, sudah rambang mata. dalam pada nak berjimat, melayang rm28. maafkan saya. inilah kegilaan saya yang abadi. baju yang cantik. heee.. fera pun beli satu tee.. comel sungguh. rm15.

- haaa.. ini yang tak best ni.. jam da dekat kul 12.. pape pun, kena balik kolej juga. jgn takut, jgn bimbang, kami selamat pulang. "maaf, pakcik. tadi kami pergi belajar kat rumah kawan. kereta tak boleh start. terpaksa tunggu orang datang jump-startkan." phew.. selamat. ait2.. jgn buat tanggapan tak baik.. tipu sikit je, utk selamatkan diri.. kalu tak cakap camtu, mana nak tido nanti. esok ada kelas. huuu.. part yang belajar tu betul k. cuma tempat dan kejadian yang menyusul selepas itu adalah rekaan semata-mata. eheh.. :P

menyampahkan! kena kejar ngan lipas besar kat parkir kereta kat uptown. oh.. n it followed us back to kolej. isyk..

23 November 2009, 2118H

-teringat tee smurf kat masalam tu lagi. a'ah, yang 25 hengget tu.. adoi ai.. haha..

apa nak jadi ni?


Monday, November 16, 2009


i will never let you fall
i'll stand up with you forever
i'll be there with you through it all
even if saving you sends me to heaven

with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and i don't know why
i can't keep my eyes off of you


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


kalau bisa putaran dunia ini kuhentikan
kalau masa boleh kuundurkan
kalau dapat kulakukan apa saja yang kuingini
maka hidup ini adalah kosong

aku suka dengan apa yang aku ada
aku suka juga dengan apa yang aku tiada
alam ini adil
pasti ada ceritanya

hari ini ketawa
semalam tangis
esok amuk
rencah nyawa

pandang ke depan
toleh ke belakang
intai kanan
pusing kiri

apa aku merapu ni? tiada ketahuan juga
read and let it go.
yours truly..


Sunday, November 8, 2009

tanyalah kenapa, maka tidak akan bertemu jawabnya.
soalkanlah bagaimana terdetik, daripada coretnya

tapi ada di situ, itu aku tahu.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

not so pretty la...

Believe it or not,
Eventhough I hate to admit,
As much as You pray that is not true,

the truth is ugly

it's just that .....

the truth is
beautifully ugly!

this is how I see it..
what about you?


Saturday, September 26, 2009


all I want is to talk to you, on anything, on everything,
nothing in particular, just random stuff

but why does it seem so impossible?

as if we're speaking two different languages..

extra careful, shut up or get misunderstood.. i miss you so much even when i'm here with you. what happens when i'm gone?


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Dear Memories,

You have been very kind by visiting and staying for a while. I hope it is not too cruel to say that I was so relieved when you went away, just as much as I know that I will always miss you dearly. Please do not come back. For you are memories, and you are meant to fade away..



Monday, September 21, 2009

Tersenyum Terfikir

Hari raya kedua ini tidak kosong meskipun hanya kuhabiskan di rumah seperti hari-hari yang lain. Aku ditemukan dengan satu pengalaman baru, satu pengajaran yang cukup besar maknanya untuk diriku. Raya bukan menang semata-mata.

Betapa petah anak kecil
Begitu lantang bersuara
Penuh jujur berkata
Teruja bertanya
Menggelodakkan rasa

Semoga bila kalian dewasa nanti, suara kalian tidak hilang, tekak kalian tidak kering mengucapkan kebenaran, hati kalian tidak hitam dengan curiga, akal kalian bicara penuh bijaksana. Amin..

kalaulah kalian tahu apa yang menanti kalian...

harap dia secomel, seindah dia...


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kad Raya Zesty untuk Kesayangan Semua..

Syawal 1, 2oo9

Dearest friends and all loved ones,

Happy Eid-Fitri

Forgive me for all my wrongdoings

Halalkanlah apa saja, segalanya, terlebih dan terkurang..

Moga-moga lebaran ini indah buat semua...

sesungguhnya aku insan lemah yang tidak akan pernah bisa lari dari silap, berpaling dari godaan, mahupun mengelak dari terjebak. apa yang mampu adalah cuba untuk tidak melukakan agar aku juga tidak dilukakan..


Thursday, September 10, 2009



charged me guilty, i am sorry.
i really am..

tak nak menyakiti dan disakiti..

Friday, September 4, 2009

an invitation

As much as she wants to go, she did not. Was she afraid? I'm afraid so. Maybe yes, maybe not. The only thing for sure was she followed her heart. Like she always does.

"Why are you so afraid to come?"
"I don't know."

"Are you afraid?"
"I don't know. Why would I be?"

"You may come if you want to. It's okay."

It's not that she didn't want to. One half of her wanted to, very much. But the other half somehow stopped her. "It's not you, it's the heart."

What's on her mind is simple but pure.
-take me there as someone, not just anyone. and i shall go-


Thursday, September 3, 2009

after sometime..

life is funny in every single way
one moment of laughter
one day of tears

turn to right one sees his friend
turn to left one discovers a foe
blink his eyes once the one trusted is gone
blink his eyes twice to know he is all alone

what he wants most is what he will not possess
funny life he lives but reality it is

as much as i want to write more,
this ends here.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It started.. yay!

It progressed.. nice~~

It ended.. cool..

DONE. the simplest way i can describe it.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some people make jokes on serious issues that I rather not think about. Not that I am avoiding, I am just not ready. A few times I have misunderstood, I hope not to again. Just do not blame me when I think you are joking the next time you mean what you say.



4 Nights In A Row

July 25th
I had a dream. It was weird and almost impossible, too good to be true.. Trust me, i woke up in shock myself.

July 26th
I had a dream, the same one, but a shorter version. Still, it was clear. This time, i did not wake up in shock, but with wonders. Why? How come?

July 27th
I received a call. After midnight, very, very early in the morning. We talked. Dia wanted to ask something but ended up not. God knows what. I told myself, "Kebetulan ni.. Once in a while, memang dia akan call." So, okay then. No need to think deeper.

July 28th
We talked on the phone again. Twice, which makes three times in 2 nights. Still, dia did not ask what dia wanted to. Dia said, "Takde pape lah.." So, I went like, "Okay" and I laughed.

I'm like 80% sure there is nothing pun tapi tetap rasa nak tulis. Bila tengah tak buat apa-apa, confirm terfikir jugak. Apakah? Adoi..

My point is too simple actually. I dreamt of a same person who later called.
The end.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


She's not stupid, she knows
She's not dumb, she senses
She's no fool, she realizes

It's not that she's deaf, she listens
It's not that she doesn't speak, she tells
It's not that she ignores, she tries

She's not mean,
It's not that she's heartless,
Maybe she just lost hers...

It came as i was about to close my eyes

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yang Tak Bertajuk..

Happiness itu bahagia
Bahagia itu gembira
Gembira itu senang hati
Senang hati itu tak mestinya joli

Mendapat maka puas
Puas rasa dia hebat
Hebat jangan sampai buas
Air mata berjurai lebat


Beteh memandu hidup. Dunia ini kejam. Buat baik kena, laku jahat pun kena.
Jadi, bagaimanakah? Bantai aje ke? Main tibai je?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Masih belum pernah.

Masih belum lagi
Masih belum hendak berhenti
Masih belum dapat
Masih belum penat.

Sering bermimpi
Sering berangan
Sering terjaga
Sering juga terlena.

Dan masa semakin suntuk
Dan matlamat belum tercapai
Semakin sempit ruang
Semakin dihimpit detik.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Paras dia ketat
Senyum dia kelat
Benak dia sarat
Hati dia berat
Serba karat

Dia tatap tapi dia tak berhujah
Dia senyum seolah beralah
Biar mereka membantah
"Aku sedia tahu, aku sudah faham, aku pernah singgah di situ, aku memang tahu.."

Dia ada untuk kalian, selalu
Adakah kalian untuk dia?

Mendahulukan yang lain, tegar menolak kalbunya ke tepi
Ditinggalkan, pilihan sendiri

Mahu dia lari, mahu dia mementingkan diri
Tak ingin ambil peduli
Terus tuju tiada kanan dan kiri
Tapi kaedah itu bisa bunuh jiwanya, bisa padam identitinya, bisa kapankan tubuhnya, bisa melenyapkan dia dari dia.

Mesti macam mana? Macam-macam?
Aduh. Jatuh tersungkur mengucup muka bumi.
Parah-luka dalaman.

Kata yang terlintas
Laku apa yang dihajat
Dahulukan NIAT
Berpimpinkan nawaitu.

"Setiap orang memilih lorongnya sendiri. Jadi, bila hasilnya negatif, pandanglah cermin dan tudinglah jari ke arahnya. Akan ditemukan puncanya"


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chocolate Mud

Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan Puan Rohani Hasan
Allah selamatkan kamu..

Selamat Ulangtahun ke-53, Mama.
Selamat panjang umur dan murah rezeki.
May you be blessed and happy always..

With all love, hugs and kisses..
Muahs, xoxo..


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Nite-Out

Tengok wayang antara perkara paling susah nak ajak mama dan bapak buat. But not this time as mama herself requested everyone to watch it together. "GENG". So much fun and very, very cute indeed.

Tepukan paling gemuruh untuk anak watan kita yang berjaya menghasilkan filem animasi sehebat ini! Cayalah! Bangga betul. Kepada yang belum tonton, cepatan ya. Kalau tak, rugi amat. Sokonglah filem tempatan. ^_^ "Betul, betul, betul." *upin+ipin style* ngee...

Bukan senang nak tengok bapak tak tidur dalam wayang. Seronok betul dia, sampai sekarang masih cerita tentang semalam. Mama pun ketawa besar tengok gelagat watak-watak anak kecil yang petah lagi berbakat. Tolak tepilah timunjeruk, along dan adik yang memang suka tengok wayang ni.. Kata orang, "Dah tak masuk book dah." (tak payang kiralah, maksudnya).. huhu..

Pokoknya, we had fun. Though we had to delay from 6.20pm show to 8.20pm show to 10.20pm show. Lalalala... I'm just so happy that I get to do something together with the whole family this time around. Alhamdulillah.. Simple sangat tapi bermakna dan enjoy!!

Masih ramai parents bawa anak-anak tengok wayang walaupun malam semakin lewat.
Tak sekolah ke budak-budak ni?
Sudahnya, pada hari berikutnya, adikku juga ikut tak ke sekolah. (Dia da plan rupanya. Bertuah punya budak!) Hahaha..


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Say You?

Venue: KTM KL Central
Time: After Maghrib, Nov29 2008
Case: A teenage girl was hugging a teddy almost the size of a kid in front of public. She really got me looking at her, not once or twice, but countless number of times.. (p/s: is this grammatically correct?) So, one, two, three. Say cheese! Some would say, "This is cute." Some would go, "OMG, what was she thinking?" I would say I'm still kinda speechless, but she's very brave. You go, girl! maybe?..
Ahah!! What say you? *wink*

This one took place in the KTM when I was on my way back to Shah Alam, Feb14 2009. I can't remember how he looked like simply because I didn't see. And honestly, it didn't matter. It's his way of dressing that caught my attention. You can guess, huh? I dared to snap a photo of him using my handphone with almost everyone noticing it. But again, why not?.. I wasn't committing any crime, and I wasn't breaking any law. I'm pretty sure about that. Haha.. I think he's cool. And this time around, I'm not speechless. (though I was then.. =P ).. If I could turn back time, I would walk to him and tell him, " Hey man. You've got style. Be proud and confident about it." And that's because he was staring at the floor from the moment he entered the train. Huhu.. Same question, people. What say you? *double wink*

I mean no harm..
Just sharing..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sebab Aku Takut Tak Menjadi..

Bila aku ingat akulah orang itu
Bila aku tahu orang itu bukan aku

Bila aku yakin nak memulakan langkah
Bila waktu itu aku sedar aku kalah

Bila aku merancang
Bila mana soalan mula datang
Bila yang mana aku seorang
Bila rencana aku hilang

Bila memang aku yang salah
Bila aku yang alpa
Bila kini aku yang lelah

Patutkah aku teruskan?
Kerna kuat di hatinya ada rasa untuk dia yang lain
Soalan: Siapalah aku?

Aku karam terus tenggelam


Big Q: Should i proceed? How will things turn out?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Satu tempat akan ditinggalkan
Satu tempat akan dituju

Bersambungnya kembali satu perjalanan
Seketika telah henti istirehat
Destinasi masih jauh
Pegangan mesti teguh
'Instinct' tidak harus rapuh

Tempat tinggal, rumah
Tempat tiba, rumah
Berat nak lepas, tak ringan nak sampai

Dari "home" ke "home"
Daripada "family" kepada "family"
Sama sayang, akan sama kangen.