Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some people make jokes on serious issues that I rather not think about. Not that I am avoiding, I am just not ready. A few times I have misunderstood, I hope not to again. Just do not blame me when I think you are joking the next time you mean what you say.



4 Nights In A Row

July 25th
I had a dream. It was weird and almost impossible, too good to be true.. Trust me, i woke up in shock myself.

July 26th
I had a dream, the same one, but a shorter version. Still, it was clear. This time, i did not wake up in shock, but with wonders. Why? How come?

July 27th
I received a call. After midnight, very, very early in the morning. We talked. Dia wanted to ask something but ended up not. God knows what. I told myself, "Kebetulan ni.. Once in a while, memang dia akan call." So, okay then. No need to think deeper.

July 28th
We talked on the phone again. Twice, which makes three times in 2 nights. Still, dia did not ask what dia wanted to. Dia said, "Takde pape lah.." So, I went like, "Okay" and I laughed.

I'm like 80% sure there is nothing pun tapi tetap rasa nak tulis. Bila tengah tak buat apa-apa, confirm terfikir jugak. Apakah? Adoi..

My point is too simple actually. I dreamt of a same person who later called.
The end.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


She's not stupid, she knows
She's not dumb, she senses
She's no fool, she realizes

It's not that she's deaf, she listens
It's not that she doesn't speak, she tells
It's not that she ignores, she tries

She's not mean,
It's not that she's heartless,
Maybe she just lost hers...

It came as i was about to close my eyes