Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh, Lord..! please not.....


.....again. not this time. not any time.
Penat dan letih.


Friday, November 19, 2010

and make the rules as i/ you/ we go..

final exam is happening soon.. like really, really soon.. super soon.. (ok.. stop it, akhtar. they get what you mean.) insyaAllah, di sebalik kemalasan yang memuncak dan semester yang sangat laid-back walaupun hati sentiasa gusar, ini yang penghabisan. tinggilah harapan supaya dapat graduasi. weee... (harapan.. peluang?? dang!)

and so the common questions are asked. where do u want to work? when do u plan to start? have u sent your resume anywhere? etc. i say that's pretty standard. i used to ask them the same, and i still do. and of course, we dream of what we want, we crack our brain trying to figure out how to do it, making plans, organizing the wants and the needs, those stuffs.. but then, please don't compare what's on my list with what's yours. they won't be the same. trust me!

when we were kids, our parents or just anyone would ask, "what's your ambition?". doctor, lawyer, policeman, teacher, soldier.. common la, kids kan? what do you expect? kalau nak lain sket, mungkin budak2 zaman sekarang boleh bagi jawapan.. macam mana? dorang pakat nyanyi lagu pussycat dolls, when i grow up. padahal yang nyanyi tu pun dah boleh jadi mak orang.
ngee.. lol..

back to business:

the thing is that, after all these years, i've come to learn that ambition does not really count. being ambitious might actually not take you anywhere. be realistic, instead. that matters. you know who you are, and what you can achieve. don't dream too high and too big, because if you fall, you're a gone case. and so i told myself, "i don't wanna be rich. i just wanna have the money to buy/do things that i want and i need, pay my bills, and help my family. so that i don't have to depend on others. so that i don't slave myself for money without having a proper reason to do so.. so that i can still sit at one corner n enjoy my 'gao' white coffee with my bestfriend.

our lives are our paintings. we start, we work on the painting and we get it done. there's sooo much to try, to explore, to experience, to feel, and to be apart of. now we don't wanna miss that, do we? :)

i have things that i wanna make sure i do. or at least, i die trying. so i can go with a smile on my face. i wanna look pretty when i see Him. :)

Life is so much fun, insyaAllah, though we keep on saying, " we've got no plans. lepak je. boring dowh.." ;P


dear dia,

I want him to treat me like i'm the only girl in the world,
I want to be his beautiful monster,
I want him to say "girl, you're amazing just the way you are."
I shall state, "I'm more than just an option." And shall he say, "there's no getting over you."
And we dare not ask if it's love as the DJ got us falling in love again.

"I listen to what I like and I like what I listen to."

Q: Tapi saya dah buat AkuJanji. Bermakna saya kena berpegang kepada itu. Kenakah?
A: Hmm.. Jadilah Mr. Brightside. (ok, tak membantu, langsung. lol)