Wednesday, February 16, 2011

may i?

I want to have a haircut.
*sambil buat muka comel*




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

emo - please IGNORE this.

For the past 2 weeks or more, I have been experiencing severe pain and discomfort on my back, somewhere near my waist to be exact. I don't need the doctor to tell me why for I know it's back. After more that 2 years, it's back. The only thing that differs is the fact that the pain and discomfort are much more annoying that the previous session.

Painkillers and panadols are my bestfriends at times like this. However, sadly said, they are no longer a helping hand. They don't send the pain away like they used to. I hardly feel the effect. What should I do?

Other than heading towards the specialist or anything like that. Seeing one will cost me a fortune. And it's the middle of the month, so hell no, I don't have the cash to spend on that. Are you kidding me? MRI alone, if needed, will cost me between RM700 to RM800. Shuts! And I don't have the time. I am no longer a full-time student and I don't have my own transport. Which means I can't possibly set appoinments and skip daily routines and move about as I please.

If you think I am making excuses, then I am..
If you think I am not making excuses, then I am not.


what about it?

"Unless you are 100% straight, let the rests bend."


Sunday, February 13, 2011

what happened?

Back during college life, I enjoyed going out after classes and during the weekends. Usually, I went to the malls. It's either window-shopping or watching movies. I loved doing it so much that I didn't mind going to the same mall again and again. My favourite area would be BB and Sg Wang. My home would be Sunway Pyramid. Fun!!!!

However, ever since the Year 2011 begins, things are no longer the same. I don't spend my weekends out anymore. I pretty much enjoy the company of television shows, iced coffee, snacks, pillows, my Wabbit and blanket. True!!!! I rather lie down on the couch and let time passes me by. Just like that. I will wake up early and do the house chores. I'll wash my clothes on Friday night so that they will dry by Saturday afternoon. And as I watch Hindi movies, one on tv2, continued with the one on tv3, i'll iron a one-week stock. Sometimes two. LOL.. And once I lock the house when I get back from work on Friday, I don't unlock it until Monday morning when a brand new working life resumes. Hahahaha.. Call me pathetic, but that's just how I love it. I think I want to get myself a Broadband and a Web camera. So that I can insanely go online and chat with Pak Cik. ( padahal dah nak muntah online kat ofis. Tapi kat ofis, takda FB ) wakakaka.. Or Astro perhaps.

Speaking of working days, I get tired very, very easily. Too easily I would say. Everyday, as I reach home, I will quickly take a shower, have simple dinner that I tapau from OU and do nothing. Buletin Utama is like my favourite lullaby. I'll be texting with Pak Cik. Then Pak Cik will call and we'll talk until I sleep or until he says he's sleepy.. Hahahaha.. I still do go out, but not as often as I used to. I love going out with my hommies. Go eat, drink, karaoke five songs each and go back. Ngeheeeee...

What happened? Those happened. Gagagaga~~~~


this is THE why

because he is a/the sex god. LOL.. and the fact that he is very much talented with what he does, of course.. *wink wink*
ladies, let's line up for the tickets.. shall we?? ngehngeh..
P/S: had a hard time selecting a photo. the fact that he forever looks good. No, great i mean. one of the most beautiful creation. woot woot..


i was just browsing ,
before i was reminded,
and so i typed and clicked,
for i have not seen it.
pretty while.

i am glad i did it,
just a while ago.

Thank you, Allah..
For keeping him safe and fine..
He's still the way he has always been.
A dear friend. To everyone. ^___^

P/S: Excuse me, Sir.. Did you change your contact number? Again? LOL...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


a wonder - from him to her

stick with me, k?

Wahai Mr. A "Art-y" A A, ABFLFY......!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

closed eyes half opened.

what is it like to trust someone to get betrayed?
what is it like to be hurt?

it's like you're standing at the edge of a mountain and and all it takes to send you to heaven or hell is a gentle breeze.. Oh no, wait.. No.. It's like you're sitting nicely on a chair, you're at the centre of gravity and yet you fall, you just fall, not even because you sneeze or there's a mice running on the floor..

This bad? Yes, that bad..

Look. If you can't manage, don't even try to handle it. If you know you're not worth it, don't even try to give it a thought. True, life is about risks. Be a risk taker. But be ready to accept all the consequences with opened hands. You can't be indulging all the fun and leave what's not for others to suck. The other party's willingness to accept your weaknesses is not an escape point for you not to change, or at least try changing. ( I hate to use the word "try" as one can simply say s/he tried but failed ).. Excuse, excuse..

Be reasonable. Be loyal. Be truthful. Be thankful.
Kick away the bad habits. Oh please.. Or will you not???
What were you thinking? Dang!

P/S: imagine if they are both opened, wide opened?
5 IN 1.

Monday, February 7, 2011

tak tahulah apa mereka fikir

They tell you not to squad on the toilet bowl, but still you take the effort to climb on it.
They tell you not to throw anything from your car, but still you throw everything.
They tell you not to be rude on the road, but still you cut lines from your left.

Which part of "not to ____" that you do not understand?

Some people. Most people, actually.

Pity them.

P/S: and the ones who do not flush after business is done is even worse. worst..! tak faham sungguh.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ban itu makanan!

Semalam petang, Budak sempat pergi berpacaran dengan Pak Cik. Semestinya, Si Tompok ada sekali.. Budak mahu happy-happy jadi dia ajak Pak Cik pergi have fun.
Selesai urusan itu, Budak ajak Pakcik pergi makan ABC dan rojak. Entah kenapa, sama-sama berat hati nak pergi tapi akhirnya, mereka ke sana juga. Makan la dengan happy, gelak-gelak buat lawak, bahan-membahan.. Pendek kata, rasa bahagia. Lalalalala.. Pink betul! Apa sengeh-sengeh haaa, Pak Cik??? Uwek!!!!
Lepas makan, Budak nak jalan-jalan kat Tanjong Api, tapi tak jadi. Mereka pergi MegaMall pusing-pusing tengok barang-barang daripada pelbagai kategori. Budak asyik terlepas cakap benda-benda yang dia tak terfikir pun. Cam automatik je.. Huahua.. Dah cukup masa, kena balik. Da Maghrib, bas pukul 10.30 malam.
Masa tengah lintas jalan nak ke kereta, Budak mood-swing tiba-tiba.. Sepanjang perjalanan pulang. Pak Cik jadi hairan, dia ingat dia ada buat salah. Huuuu... Budak menangis... Pak Cik pun jadi sedih.. Masuk je rumah, Budak dah mula pening..
Kemudian, Budak naik bas untuk balik Shah Alam. Jam dari tol Karak all the way ke R&R Genting Sempah. Sempat muntah, padahal dah naik bas dari kecil lagi. Banyak orang tidur tepi jalan. Pukul 5.15 pagi tadi baru sampai. Terus siap-siap pergi kerja. Thank you, bestie, sebab tolong pick up. :)
Pak Cik pun sakit sama. Kesian dia.

Saya ban itu makanan...! Kat mana-mana pun. >.<

P/S: penulis mengaku dia sedar post ini GEDIK dan MENGGELIKAN, tapi, peduli apa?? dang!

takda otak

sudahlah melepak di tepi hentian sebelah sambil angkat baju dan gosok perut,

makan buah limau dibuangnya kulit, biji dan plastik merata-rata,

padahal, ada yang berkopiah di atas kepala tu...


P/S: macam korang je la yang stuck dalam jam. dang!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

good morning e-mail

Currently very much in love and addicted to Bruno Mars'
Marry You.....

can't stop smiling each time I play the track.
he just doesn't dissapoint us girls, does he? ;)

P/S: AAA, ABFLFY. ^______^


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pagi yang sobbing...

pagi tadi diuji berat.

tengahari tadi dah selesai.

tapi pergelangan tangan pecah berdarah sikit.
dan tulang di situ bengkak.
kelemahan sendiri.