Thursday, December 31, 2009



Date: Dec31, 2009.

1) I wish that I can be .....................



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Date: Dec30, 2009

2) I wish that I can be like the characters in the series, CASHMERE MAFIA.

-In Control, All Rounder, yet Balanced-

#a 'little bit' of everything - not that little, afterall.. ;P


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Date: Dec29, 2009

3) I wish that I can be like REGINA SPEKTOR and HAYLEY WILLIAMS.

-Hot and Talented-


Monday, December 28, 2009

someone please tell me..

in 4 days time, we shall all say goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010.

at this moment, a must question would be, "have you got your resolutions? what are they?

well.. my question is, can i not make resolutions, not even one? instead,

can i make a wish?

perhaps wishes..


Sunday, December 27, 2009

wayang hakiki

dunia ini kejam
kadang-kadang rasa macam dah tak nak tinggal di sini lagi
tapi tak rasa nak mati
sebab tak sedia lagi

dunia ini misteri
penuh tanda tanya
ramai orang kuat berlari
ada juga yang pilih untuk berkelana

dunia ini muda
walau hakikat bumi kita tua
warga buta tuli ikut suka hati
semakin tak matang songsang dengan usia

ada dua jalan
hujung dia sama
cereka dia lain
pilih yang mana
berliku, bersiur, lurus tiada bengkok
ikutlah hati asal tak mati
dasarkan rasa harap-harap taklah binasa

dunia ini pelik
hidup ini ajaib
maut itu pasti

nyata. tak perli. bukan sindir.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my daddy is my superhero..

Bapakku Tok Misai Sayang,

Happy 60th Birthday
May Allah bless you
Have a wonderful life always

Bapak tetap yang paling hensem dan terbaik..
With all love in the world, Angah.


Monday, December 21, 2009

just another emo piece..

room of pitch black
corner of pure darkness
cold and abandoned
restless yet hopeful

faith shakes, bursting into tears
words left unspoken, promises broken
careful yet not to be sorry or mistaken

a light between the chaos
to bring back smile
to again return a laughter

look out the window
the sun rises tomorrow

p/s: asyik idea emo yg menjamah otak kukukakikumalu.. maka itulah yg ditimunjerukkan. sekian.



she's so pretty
she's so perfect
she has everything
and all i can do is stare

she does it
why don't i?

to be like her
will i still be me?

to be her to know.

"I'm only human and I make mistakes."


yes, i'm not okay. tq for not asking.

does deleting erase?
does running escape?

this is reality. face it like a brave person. past made you who you are today. don't chase it away, let it go instead. its marks and traces, be thankful for them. they are to remind you of where you came from. life is beautiful. s*** happens every once in a while to color life. let's welcome it.

cherish life.

sakit perut efek kat otak. merapu pelik-pelik. abaikan. ;P


Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Write I Comment What She Feels

She closes her eyes in fear
She opens her eyes in fear
She dreams, nightmares in fear
She questions herself but never answers
She is in fear.

A friend, yet a foe

A companion, yet an enemy
A strength, yet a weakness
A sound, yet a silence

A wide beautiful smile, yet an ugly cry
She tears.

Life is not a choice, where are we going

Avoiding death we try, are we not stopping
She steps.

To search for the desirable

To let go of those in hands
Too close or too far or reachable?
She holds.

Very often in this world we do not get what we want. Don't we work hard enough? Or maybe we just don't deserve it. Perhaps because we are neither grateful nor thankful for what we own. Some defend, "we just want life to get better." Some just cannot care more or less. Whatever folks. You decide.

Someone I truly respect and admire once asked me. "Girl, what are the 2 things in this world that are very hard to find yet very easy to lose?" I shook my head. S/he said, "money and love." I asked, "why money and love? Why not love and money?" Guess what s/he said.

"Rezeki ada di mana-mana atas muka bumi Allah s.w.t ni.. Nasib la jumpa atau hilang yang mana dulu atau kemudian."

TQ for such a wonderful lesson.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


  • Wishes and hopes for every new year, has any one been granted or get done with?
  • Plans and budgets, are they really followed?
  • How do I actually kill time?

-Wishes colour life. Wishes let us dream for anything, even impossibilities. But let's be wise. Wish and hope by living in reality. Then we might live the whole year/12months/365days/8760 hours/525600 minutes/31536000 seconds calmly, 24/7.
-Yang ini senang aje. Kalu ada disiplin, confirm follow-follow..

-Err.. Perhaps time murders me.. dududududu~~

  • 21 years fo living, what am I good at?
"My name is TimunJeruk and I am a stalker."



"irrecoverably and unconditionally..."



just a number
not just any number


a bonus, a stage

a hope, a future


a test, a challenge

a search, a quest

patience, support, will and strength

success awaits u, InsyaAllah..

"Congratulations, Good Luck and All the Best"


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To: Zesty..

Invitation to Final Examination.

Date: Dec 9 and 15, 2009. (Audit and Fin. Reporting)
Time: 3 to 6.15pm..
Venue: Hall 2, Intec UiTM.
Attire: Anything sopan dan selesa. Sweater is highly recommended.. (a must, maybe) ;p

Please bring along your ACCA card and exam entry docket.
Wish you (myself, i mean) all the best and goodluck.

Thank you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

berkerut dahi

there's a she wolf in the closet
open up and set her free
there's a she wolf in the closet
let it out so it can breathe

bait-bait ini terperangkap dalam otak saya sejak pagi td..
dan ia tak nak tinggalkan saya.. makin banyak pula yang saya ingat..haih..

timunjeruk: ilmu audit, boleh tak cepat2 masuk macam lagu cik shakira ni?
boleh kan? kan?
ilmu audit: yes, yes. kan.kan. ;D
timunjeruk: terima kasih. :)